For a Better Tomorrow

It's time to stop the division, stop the political bickering and move our country forward. I will always stand for safety, security and our American values. Country over party is the only path.

Our Community, Our Fight

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Our Community, Our Fight

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We need all branches of government to play a part in solving this human crisis. No one should be living on the street or in their cars.

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Affordable and healthy housing

Phoenix and Arizona are experiencing an affordable housing shortage. Many people are priced out of buying their first home or even the ability to rent an apartment. The need for affordable green development housing is apriority.

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As a city, we must invest in our local businesses and entrepreneurship to bring jobs back into the city and breathe confidence into our economy.

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Joan Greene is a native Arizonan who wants to bring a forward-thinking, solution-oriented approach to Phoenix City Council

Joan Greene has lived in District 6 for most of her life. She grew up in the Sunnyslope and 16th Street and Maryland section of the district and has called Ahwatukee home since 1993. Her family’s roots in Arizona are deep: Joan’s grandmother was the second woman elected to the Phoenix City Council, and her pediatrician grandfather established an after-school program and medical care foundation for low-income children. Her father was a developer in Arizona and her parents instilled in her the importance of responsibility and compassion. From a young age, her family taught her the value of public service and community-building.

"Your priorities are my priorities"
Phoenix City Council District 6

Arizona is Joan’s home. She knows this district and its families, and she remembers when elected officials respectfully worked together to faithfully represent the people they were elected to serve.

Since 1987, Joan has owned and operated a promotional marketing company whose clients have included nonprofits and billion-dollar corporations. Joan knows how to achieve win-win success, and she wants to bring a pragmatic, solutions-oriented leadership approach to the Phoenix City Council.

From the Community...

“I support Joan Greene because she offers realistic ideas on how to improve American life.”

Joseph, Phoenix resident and supporter

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