Joan believes that everyone deserves access to affordable, quality healthcare.

We must lower costs for prescription drugs and health care coverage.

Everyone deserves access to affordable, quality healthcare. which includes coverage for pre-existing conditions. Nobody should lose their homes or stop medical treatment because they cannot afford the care they need.

That means supporting laws that protect patients’ rights and options such as a Medicare buy-in for individuals under the age of 65. This public option would compete in the marketplace and drive down costs.

The cost of prescription drugs has risen astronomically, which allows pharmaceutical companies to pocket huge profits at the expense of hard-working Americans.

I will introduce a bill that would allow sealed and unexpired medications to be donated to approved medical clinics for disbursement to those who need the medicine but cannot afford it.

I will fight any legislation that attempts to discriminate against individuals because of their gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

I will ensure there is transparency for hospital and doctor visits so we can put an end to surprise billing.


Economic Security

Joan will protect retirement security and fight for fair wages

Joan Greene supports a level playing field for all of us. She will work hard for Arizona families and seniors.

She will protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, fight for fair wages, and keep corruption out of politics.

Joan is a small business owner with firsthand knowledge of what businesses need to survive and thrive. We need to cut the red tape, expand access to capital, and provide tax relief.

We can create jobs and improve lives for everyday Americans by actually investing in our infrastructure. We need to fix our roads and bridges, support public transit options, invest in our waterway systems, modernize our dams and levees, and invest in clean energy sources like solar. By investing in our economy and green energy, we can provide economic opportunities to Arizona families and start solving tomorrow’s problems today.

Joan will invest in our families and communities. We can count on her.



Joan has a plan to help veterans and their families in the East Valley.

We made a promise to our Veterans and their families to stand by them and take care of them after they serve our country.

We need to make sure they are getting the medical care and support that they need and deserve. Joan believes that supporting our veterans is not about buzzwords and photo ops – it is about listening to the challenges faced by our brave military members, and then finding solutions.

We must support our veterans’ families while they are performing the greatest duty for our Country. This includes helping the spouses and significant others with attaining jobs and housing.

We need to consider a cost-benefit analysis of building an East Valley VA Hospital, as well as exploring other solutions to increase the health care facility options for veterans in our district. We must ensure that these facilities are fully staffed to ensure timely and high quality care.

We must stand with every individual brave enough to serve.



The only way to improve our future is through education.

Education is freedom and the path to financial security, it shouldn’t be the source of crushing debt that holds our families back.

With education, we can eliminate poverty and lead in today’s economy.
I support:

Increasing Pell Grants and lowering interest rates on student loans to help level the education opportunity playing field.

Refinancing existing student loans and innovative forgiveness options.

Funding for quality child-care on campus. This will enable working parents with children to continue their education.

Expanded education budgets for pre k-12.

Increased educator pay

Advocating for students with different learning abilities, ensuring our schools have the resources to help all succeed.

Expanding our vocational schools and investing in training programs for workers who will be displaced due to technological advancements.

Expanding investments in early childhood education including Head-start and Early Head-start. When we invest in early childhood, we really change outcomes for children and families (and save taxpayers money the return on investing early is high).


Social Security

I will fight to make sure you receive every penny you deserve.

I am running to strengthen and protect Social Security and Medicare.

You invested in Social Security, it is your money. I will fight to make sure you receive every penny you deserve.

Increase monthly Social Security benefits.

Ensure Social Security benefits keep pace with the cost of living.

Eliminate the payroll tax cap for millionaires.

Protect the retirement age.

Increase transparency and cut waste in the Medicare system.

Allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices.


The Environment

I support Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, will legislate for environmental protections, environmental justice and focus on water conservation in Arizona.

If we don't take care of our planet, there is no Plan B.

Arizona is sunny 299 days out of the year, and we should be leading in the field of solar.  Solar will create jobs that deliver power without wasting water. Not being a leader in solar means we are also losing business opportunities from corporations who will not relocate to Arizona because of our energy and education policies.  

Arizona is a desert climate and along with other states, population growth and expanding urban areas will increase water demand. Communities will be challenged to deliver water and ensure enough water for environmental needs. We need to make sure we are exploring new methods to harvest rainwater and stormwater, which provides a multitude of benefits, including water savings, reduced flood peaks and reduction of urban heat island effects.

We must invest in technology and innovation with a focus on improving our communities now. Instead of using the same materials, we have always used to pave our roads, we can use recycled plastic bottles.



We need to invest in computer science and STEM education with a strong focus on women and underserved communities.

Solving Tomorrow's Problems Today

To be technology leaders, we need to invest in computer science and STEM education with a strong focus on women and underserved communities. Additionally, as technology quickly changes, we must support our workers with continuing education so they do not lag behind.

We must also:

Fund high-speed internet for everyone, focusing on rural areas and low-income communities.

Fight for net neutrality.

Invest in and mandate cybersecurity standards and ensure there is enforcement. If cyber attackers are caught, they must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


End Corruption

Fighting corruption in Washington is one of my top priorities.

I vow to fight to end corruption in Politics.

"Arizona's Five C's are Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus, and Climate. To move us forward, I will use additional C's that are vitally important and missing in today's political landscape. I will lead with Compassion, Common Sense, Compromise, Collaboration, and be Corruption Free. When we work together, we thrive together."  - Joan Greene

Cracking down on lobbyists influence and banning them from working in the administration’s cabinet.

Legislating to strengthen the emoluments clause and no taxpayer money may go to enrich any President or their family.

Independent auditing on government waste and abuse.

Change laws so no legislator may profit from legislation or their insider knowledge.

Overturn Citizen's United. Corporations can not have a voice in our elections.

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