January 13, 2022

Animal Welfare Champion

I am your animal welfare champion, member of several animal rescue organizations and I raise money and awareness for animal rescue groups.

I foster/adopt puppies and dogs and nurse their broken body and spirit back to health. I rescued Bailey when she was three months old and with time and love the burns on both sides of her little body healed.

I am confident most of you have or had a beloved pet. As your Councilwoman protecting our companion animals is a priority.

Several companion pet issues I will champion:

Regulations and accountability:

  • Better enforcement and legislation on the treatment and sale of animals from backyard breeders or retail stores.
  • Laws against abandoning a pet
  • Pets must have a microchip and information kept current.

Community outreach programs:

  • Trap-Neuter Release Programs.
  • Homeless shelters and housing that welcome pets.
  • Animal Services Division to support people who are houseless with pets. Provide veterinary care, rabies and other needed vaccinations, microchips, and city licenses. Provide information on resources where people who are houseless can go with their pets, pet food, toys, and other supplies.
  • Senior for senior programs. Match senior shelter animals with senior people and provide food and medical care for the pet.
  • Community programs for spay/neuter and microchip implant.
  • Support qualified and registered animal rescue organizations.

Neighborhood Quality of Life:

  • More green spaces that include shade for pets to play safely.
  • Enhanced parks with enclosed area for small and large dogs that include agility courses, human and dog water fountains, benches, waste bag and disposal cans.
  • Partner with developers to include a dog park for residents in apartments or townhomes.
  • Transform abandoned golf courses into community parks.

As your Councilwoman my only priority is working for your families, whether they have two legs or four.

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