January 18, 2022

I Voted For Your Bike Safety

My November email topic was about keeping our cyclists safe.


“As , we see more cyclists on the streets. Some for fun or ride to commute to work. And while bicycling is great for both recreation and commuting, there are dangers when motor vehicles are nearby.


Distracted car drivers and bike lane encroachment are two common causes of bike injuries and fatalities.


Paint doesn’t save lives. As your Councilwoman I will expand biking infrastructure to include protected bike lanes with concrete buffers, improved urban design for green space and bike specific traffic signals for high-traffic areas.”


In December 2021, The City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department hosted a community forum proposing new improvements to Fillmore Street from Central Avenue to 7th Street. The project would remove some traffic lanes to add buffered, and in some areas, protected bicycle lanes.


The community agreed with me, and we voted for buffered bike lanes to protect our cyclists.

I’ll continue to fight until ALL our streets are safe for cyclists to exercise, commute to work, ride to your favorite neighborhood caféfor breakfast or a family bike ride to the park.


As your Councilwoman my only priority is working for you. I will continue to recognize the problems and be part of the solutions.


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