January 26, 2022

Why Cynthia Supports Joan for Phoenix City Council

“I support Joan Greene for Phoenix City Council for three reasons. 


First, Joan LISTENS.  When I met Joan in 2017, she wanted to hear MY concerns and opinions, in contrast to most candidates (D andR) with whom I spoke.  We talked for 2 hours.  During her campaign, she knocked on hundreds of doors in every single precinct in CD5,talking to Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and unaffiliated voters. She attended house parties, met with groups, and hosted three issue-oriented town halls.  She doesn’t preach, she listens. 

Second, Joan CARES.  She understands that public service means serving the needs of ALL, not just those with the means to bend her ear.  She will be a voice for residents who traditionally have no seat at the table:  our children, the elderly, and the poor.  She is a tireless volunteer at local food banks and animal shelters.  Because she cares.


Third, Joan is a HARD WORKER AND A THOUGHTFUL PROBLEM SOLVER.She studies issues, gets input, and will find solutions based on consensus.  She approaches problems with an open mind, not a preconceived solution or agenda. 


Joan is fair, and she will get things done!  I wholeheartedly support Joan Greenefor Phoenix City Council.”

This campaign is about ALL of us, coming together for a better tomorrow. This is why I’m running. This is why I need your support.

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