May 9, 2022

Do You Agree We Need Campaign Finance Reform?

“77% of Americans say there should be limits on the amount of money individuals and organizations can spend on political campaigns and issues” according to a 2015 Pew Research Center poll
Let’s pull back the curtain on money in politics and why we need campaign finance reform. Campaign finance reform levels the financial playing field for those who do not have the contacts or financial resources. Opens the door to people with fresh ideas and removes the incumbent’s financial advantage.
This list is only a starting point for campaign finance reform.
1.     Lower the donation limits an individual can contribute to a campaign.
2.      Lower the amount a candidate can contribute or loan to their campaign.
3.     Establish a maximum dollar amount a designated political seat can raise in total. Money raised and not used when the election is concluded will be returned to the donor or donated to a non-profit, even if the person is running in the next election cycle.
4.     Ban independent expenditures and PACS from contributing financially or providing any service of value.
5.     Ban campaigns from donating to other campaigns.
6.     Increases public confidence the candidate/incumbent are focused on the needs of the community and not the person with the deepest pocket.
7.     Increases public confidence the election is not “bought”.
8.     Removes the pressure on donors to give to a candidate/incumbent they do not support or an amount they are not comfortable donating.
9.     The candidate/incumbent hops off the call time hamster wheel to spend time talking to constituents.

You know the“business as usual” politicians and their friends are not happy I am pulling back the curtain to expose the secrets of money in politics. They don’t want a level playing field.
Will you chip in now and support campaign financial integrity? Don’t let big money or the backroom deal politicians pick your elected leaders. I’ll send you our KNOW BETTER VOTE BETTER sticker to show my appreciation for your support.
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Thank you,
Joan Greene


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