May 9, 2022

Do You Think There Is Quid Pro Quo?

“Americans see a frequent quid pro quo when it comes to contributing to an election campaign and receiving benefits once a candidate is in office. Fifty-five percent of Americans think politicians enact policies to benefit their financial contributors most of the time, while another 30 percent think this happens sometimes.” according to the 2015 CBS News-New York Times money and politics poll.
Let’s pull back the curtain and show you why people think there is a quid pro quo.
The chart compares Arizona’s elected offices and the donation limits a candidate can receive for that office.
If you are shocked the Phoenix City Council donation limit is $6,550 and the Congressional donation limit is $2,900, you are not alone.

Note: Donation limits increase each cycle for Phoenix City Council. Chart numbers represent what an individual can donate to a candidate and does not represent the money Dark Money, PACS with or without Mega status can donate to candidates. Chart does not represent the influence of Independent Expenditures.
Why does Tempe City Council have a lower donation limit? Tempe amended their city charter and Tempe voters lowered the cap so an individual could only donate a maximum $500, down from the current limit of $6,250 in 2015 (donation cap has increased to $540).
Current Tempe Mayor Corey Woods statement from when he was a Tempe City Councilman.
“People should be able to properly fund their campaigns,” said Councilman Corey Woods. “But someone with a couple of wealthy friends or special-interest money shouldn’t be able to blow everyone else out of the water.”
 Why haven’t the Phoenix leaders followed Tempe’s campaign finance reform? Phoenix City Council and the other state offices have shown zero appetite to change the status quo that benefit them.
 As your Councilwoman I will advocate to amend our city charter to mirror Tempe’s donation caps and work on the campaign finance reform steps outlined in our Do You Agree We Need Campaign Finance Reform? newsletter.
You know the “business as usual” politicians and their friends are not happy I am pulling back the curtain to expose the secrets of money in politics.They don’t want a level playing field.
Will you chip in now and support campaign financial integrity? Don’t let big money or the backroom deal politicians pick your elected leaders. I’ll send you our KNOW BETTER VOTEBETTER sticker to show my appreciation for your support.
Look for my How Much is Too Much newsletter. What I am going to reveal will save you money.
Thank you,
Joan Greene




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