September 7, 2022

Easier, yes. Better, no.

You can’t miss seeing all the campaign street signs. Most of the street corner signs are installed by campaign volunteers, staff or hired out.


In the scorching heat, I pound the rebar into the hard Phoenix dirt and install my signs in the district all by myself.


Wouldn’t it be easier to hire someone?


Easier, yes, but I would have missed the moment to hug my friend who was out for her walk and owns a business in the district.


Easier, yes, but I would have missed the chance to say hello and talk to the people as we crossed the street together with my signs.


Easier, yes, but I never want to miss an opportunity to visit every inch of our district.

As your Councilwoman, I won’t be looking for the easier way to do something. I will always roll up my sleeves and do the hard work myself.


So I’m gonna ask: Can you contribute $15 or more to sponsor a street sign? I want to make sure every corner of District 6 has a sign to show the folks I’m working for you!  

Thank you and let’s circle up for Team Greene!




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