March 15, 2022

Hate Makes A Comeback

“According to FBI statistics, Arizona hate crimes hit their highest level since 9/11, but advocates and experts say many more hate crimes mostly likely were unreported,” an article by Cronkite News revealed.

You don’t need a report to know this is true. We hear the rhetoric from some elected leaders and candidates, social media sites fan the flames of hate, you may know someone or have been a victim yourself.

Watch my video and say NO to racism and hate.

As your Councilwoman, I will welcome the rich tapestry of diversity that is an integral part of our city’s success.

This is why I am asking you directly for your support. Will you join our team by donating $15 to help us build a community based on inclusion, equality and equity?

Stronger Together,

Joan Greene

“Real Solutions for Real Problems”

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