May 9, 2022

How Much Is Too Much?

In previous newsletters we pulled back the curtain on why Americans want campaign finance reform and we compared the difference in Arizona’s candidate donation limits for state, federaland the Phoenix City Council. This may be why people believe there is pay-to-play in government.
Let’s pull back the curtain on how much money a Phoenix City Council candidate really needs for a campaign.
Tempe and a Phoenix City Council district have approximately the same amount of people they represent and campaign to. It stands to reason the amount of money they need is approximately the same.
The Phoenix City Council candidate raised and spent four times more than the Tempe City Council candidate. The disparity in individual donation limits is one reason for the difference (Tempe, $540 individual donation limit. Phoenix, $6550individual donation limit).
The Phoenix City Council candidate total does include receiving approximately $48,000 in special interest money, which is almost the amount the Tempe City Council candidate raised for their campaign.
Tempe and Phoenix City Council candidates both won but it was the Tempe candidate who was the fiscally responsible winner.
I crunched the numbers, and a fiscally competent Phoenix City Council campaign should cost no more than $80,000.
There are candidates who raised $100,000 and even $250,000 and they continue to ask you for donations. They are using your dollars for their vanity metric. Can you blame people for their distrust of the candidate’s motives?
I am a business owner with 34 years’ experience. I assist my clients in growing their business while staying within their budget. As your Councilwoman I will protect your hard-earned tax dollars.
You know the “business as usual”politicians and their friends are not happy I am pulling back the curtain to expose the secrets of money in politics. They don’t want a level playing field.
Will you chip in now and support financial integrity? Don’t let big money or the backroom deal politicians pick your elected leaders. I’ll send you our KNOW BETTER VOTE BETTER sticker to show my appreciation for your support.
Thank you,
Joan Greene

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