September 6, 2022

I Don’t Ride Anyone’s Coattails

You may have read about Candidates touting their political endorsements.

I can’t speak for other races, but I can pull back the curtain on how the candidates received their political endorsements for my Phoenix City Council District 6 race.

They ask their political friends to endorse them.

That’s it.  

Unlike endorsements from organizations, there are no questionnaires for every candidate to fill out.There are no interviews for every candidate. You are not assured the best candidate is endorsed.

It’s some politicos attempting to put their thumb on the scale to tip the election to their friends.

I am a Phoenix native, grew up and live in the district, business owner since 1987, an active community volunteer, and I don’t need to ride someone’s coattails. My work ethic and message resonate with our community because I am the community. 

I believe the voters should choose their politicians — politicians should not choose their voters.

As your next Councilwoman I will always represent the interests of our families and businesses with integrity. Will you please chip in $6 – or whatever you can -  to help elect Joan and build a community where everyone can thrive?  

Thank you for your trust and support,

Joan Greene

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