April 27, 2022

I Wish I Knew This Before

Soledad O'Brien, American broadcast journalist and executive producer, recently asked on Twitter, "Serious question: do journalists have any moral qualms about sitting on tapes (ie: breaking news) in order to hawk a book? Is there a moment that gives you pause that maybe serving the public, matters? I genuinely would like to understand this."

I agree with O'Brien. How can we make informed decisions if we don’t have the information we need?

We are months away from a slate of people who would like to be in political office, up and down the ballot. I am running for Phoenix City Council so you and your family have peace of mind that you will live in a safe city with strong public services, an educated city with thriving businesses, and a responsible city that protects our air, land, water, and wildlife. I will accomplish this by utilizing my decades of public service and business experience to help solve the problems.

There are some people who are running for office for their self-interest and using you as a stepping stone for their ambitions. You know who they are.

I have always prioritized transparency, accountability, and integrity. While some politicians would like to keep you in the dark, I will pull back the curtain on local politics, so you have the information you need to make informed decisions for your family and business.

Over the next several months I will shine a light on

  • Money in politics.
  • Be aware of the conflict of interest.
  • Is it an endorsement or a backroom deal?
  • Just because it’s commonplace, doesn’t make it right.
  • How do they get away with this?


You know the "business as usual" politicians and their friends are not going to be happy I am pulling back the curtain to expose the secrets. Will you chip in now to KNOW BETTER VOTE BETTER? I’ll send you a free sticker to show my appreciation for your support.

Your contribution will ensure our campaign has the resources we need to talk to every voter. Even better, you will help elect a Councilwoman who listens to the people and shows up for our families.


Thank you for your trust and support,

Joan Greene

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