August 2, 2022

Kevin Robinson Taken To Court

KJZZ reporter Christina Estes posted her article on social media.

"A candidate for Phoenix City Council admits to renting a house in Ahwatukee so he would be eligible to run in District 6. An opponent has taken him to court claiming he’s not a permanent resident and should not be on the ballot this November."

I had the political courage and integrity when I told you last week Kevin Robinson was our Phoenix City Council’s Dr. Oz – using an address in the district to run for City Council.

I'm glad another Candidate also had the integrity and the resources to take Robinson to court.

An excerpt from the article:

“Wilenchik told the judge city code lists rules of residency that includes a person’s residence as being where the person’s family resides.

“It’s obviously intended to deal with this kind of situation where someone isn't genuinely trying to move somewhere,” he said. “It’s just a political thing, it's a, 'Hey, I want to run in that district, you know, I want to go carpetbag in District 6,' and let me rent the house and change my address and all that stuff that makes it look like I’m there but I’m not really there.”

You can decide if you believe Robinson’s answers in court were disingenuous and if you could drive a truck through his defense.

Demand that Robinson drop out and return all the money he collected from donors.

You have a right to authentic representation on the City Council from a community member who lives in, pays taxes, and positively contributes daily to your district.

I have the proven integrity and dedication you deserve for your Councilwoman.

I won’t stop fighting for you when elected. But I am urgently asking for your support today. Can you contribute today to ensure a better future for our families and businesses? Every contribution will add up and will go a long way — so I’m asking: can you chip in any amount today to this campaign?

Thank you for your trust and support,

Joan Greene

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