August 17, 2022

Liens And Judgments, Oh My

One of the many duties of the Councilmember is the yearly budget. The City of Phoenix's  budget is the financial obligation to the community. The community relies on sound financial judgement to establish the budget, the services to be included and the disbursement of the funds.

The City of Phoenix 2022 – 2023 budget is $1.8 Billion dollars and District 6 expects their councilmember to allocate their tax dollars responsibly.

Can we expect an elected official to be responsible with our tax dollars if they don’t pay their own personal bills on time?

According to public records, Kevin Robinson (yes, the same Robinson who was taken to court by an opponent and admitted to renting a house in Ahwatukee so he would be eligible to run in District 6) showed a pattern of not fulfilling his personal financial obligations to his previous HOAs.

Warner Ranch Association and Foothills Reserve A-1 & A-2 HOA, from 1992 - 2018 filed a combined 14 liens and 3 civil judgments against Robinson for not paying association fees on time.

I am a fiscally responsible business owner since 1987. I understand the City of Phoenix’s financial obligations and the services our communities depend on. I will always represent with fiscal responsibility as my guide.

So much is on the line this year. I will help protect our water resources, advocate for affordable housing, and a safe city with thriving businesses. That’s why I hope I can count on your support right now — our families, our future, are depending on us. Can you rush any amount today to help me cross the finish line in November?

Thank you for your trust and support,

-- Joan

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