August 1, 2022

Numbers Don't Lie

I’m going to share with you how a Phoenix City Council candidate makes it onto the ballot – but it’s a little longer post.  If you don’t have the time to read this all right now, you can scroll down to the graph and see for yourself who has the work ethic and commitment our community deserves (spoiler alert: it’s me). Please consider making a donation of any amount towards our campaign today. No amount is too little to make a difference.

Phoenix City Council candidates must collect 200 valid signatures of registered voters, from any political party and who live in the district.

The candidates have two months to accomplish this; May 12, 2022 – July 11, 2022.
One option or a combination of any of the three options for a candidate to gather signatures is acceptable.

1.   People follow a website link and sign online
2.   Candidates have volunteers and/or hire people to collect signatures
3.   Candidates collect the signatures themselves with person-to-person contact with voters who sign paper petitions. When a candidate collects their own signatures in person it is an opportunity to hear the concerns of the district.

Candidates collecting their own signatures is the benchmark and why you should pay attention to the data. The numbers don’t lie. You will know which candidates did not meet the moment and which candidates are committed to the community.

The graph illustrates the quantity of person-to-person valid signatures on paper petitions each candidate personally collected. It also shows you when the candidate quit working. A simple math calculation tells you how many days a candidate could have still collected signatures before they submitted their paperwork and chose not to.

I overwhelmingly gathered more valid signatures than the other candidates. I did not stop until the day before I was scheduled to file my paperwork with the City Clerk.

Joan Greene - 433 signatures

Juan Schoville - 265 signatures

Kellen Wilson - 172 signatures

Mark Moeremans - 148 signatures

Moses Sanchez - 44 signatures

Kevin Robinson - 12 signatures

Sam Stone - 4 signatures

You may be disappointed to see how few signatures some candidates acquired and how little work they did do. Most likely you won’t be surprised.

The correlation between quantity of valid signatures obtained and the amount of time the candidate worked is obvious (graph information is public record).

If you donated money to a candidate who submitted less-than-stellar numbers and you feel misled, you have the right to request a refund.

District 6 deserves a Councilwoman who has the proven work ethic and is dedicated to our community. I won’t stop fighting for you when elected. But I am urgently asking for your support today. Can you make a contribution today to keep me in the fight? Every contribution will add up and will go a long way — so I’m asking: can you chip in any amount today to this campaign?

Thank you for your trust and support,

Joan Greene

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