July 25, 2022

Out of the box solutions

I am glad the City of Phoenix staff and volunteers are helping our most vulnerable, but the City is not thinking outside the box for long term success.

The City of Phoenix has staff and volunteers on the streets during the hottest times of the day. They’re helping those most vulnerable, hoping to prevent more deaths from the extreme heat. This comes as Maricopa County reports 29 heat-related deaths as of July 16. There were 16 heat-related deaths confirmed in 2021 in that same time span.”

I’ve been on the streets passing out water in the summer, and I have seen firsthand the people living in tents with their belongings and some with pets.

City of Phoenix and Phoenix City Council continue to put a band-aid on a life-threatening hemorrhage.

“(Councilwoman) Ansari says the city is actively recruiting volunteers to hand out water, cooling station maps, and heat relief items as summer approaches.”

Instead of recruiting volunteers to pass out water and cooling cloths, why aren’t they hiring homeless people who are eager for an opportunity to earn an income and be productive?

Cooling stations are beneficial, but some people may not have transportation to a cooling station or won’t leave their possessions and pets. Bring more cooling buses and structures to the people in need.

Why isn’t the City building Pallet Homes or a similar product on City property? The homes provide the dignity of personal space in a healing community environment. Assembled in under one hour, the people can help build their own housing.

Wrap around service buildings that include showers, community eating hall, laundry, job training programs and on-site social services are a few solutions we can incorporate to help people transition to permanent housing.

Private and public partnerships are essential. Corporations and private individuals can sponsor a home going through the proper legal channels and approved non-profits.

You might be sensing my frustration and you would be correct. My frustration is exactly why I am the best person to represent District 6 as your Councilwoman. I won’t look away from problems or kick the can down the road. I expect results and will work hard to get them

District 6 deserves a Councilwoman who is a fighter, an out of the box thinker with practical solutions. Can you help us kickoff our $9824 goal by making a contribution today? Any amount will make the biggest difference to our grassroots campaign.  

Thank you for your trust and support,

Joan Greene

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