November 15, 2021

Paint Doesn’t Protect Cyclists

As temperatures cool, we see more cyclists on the streets. Some ride bicycles for fun or ride to commute to work. And while bicycling is great forboth recreation and commuting, there are dangers when motor vehicles are nearby.


Distracted car drivers and bike lane encroachment are two common causes of bike injuries and fatalities.


One resident said, “I got pulled over by the police once on my bike ride home, and he told me to ride on the sidewalk (even though that’s illegal in Phoenix) because ‘it’s not a matter of if, but when you’ll get hit on the street’.”


As your Councilwoman I will expand biking infrastructure to include protected bike lanes with concrete buffers, improved urban design for green space and bike specific traffic signals for high-traffic areas.


One resident said, “I have to put my bike in a car to go to Scottsdale to ride safely. Ridiculous.”


It is my priority to keep our cyclists safe as you exercise, ride to your favorite neighborhood café for breakfast or a family trip to the park.


With your help we can really make a difference. As you know, ideas, vision and hard work alone won’t win this race. To get our message out to the voters, it will take financial resources.

While you have this letter open, please chip in today.

See you on the bike trail!

Joan Greene

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