July 26, 2022

Phoenix City Council has our own Dr. Oz

I was reading an article in my neighborhood paper about the Candidates for Phoenix City Council District 6. The reporter said it is next to impossible to determine what neighborhood every candidate lives in.

I designed this map to illustrate where the candidates live in District 6 and sent it to the editor of our paper to share with their readers.

The green flag and home denote where I grew up in the north section of the district and where I live in Ahwatukee. The yellow pins indicate where the other candidates live. The red pin and home designate where Kevin Robinson’s two homes are located according to public records. The carpetbag depicts the area in the district Kevin Robinson put on his forms.

Maricopa Assessor, one of many public records, confirm Kevin Robinson has owned his Scottsdale home since 2020. California records validate Kevin Robinson has owned his San Francisco home since 2018 (not on the map). Kevin Robinson does not own a home in Phoenix.

You will have to ask Scottsdale Kevin's well-known political connections why they support him crossing city boundaries to run in Phoenix instead of for the Scottsdale City Council.

Lax residency qualifications for candidacy is why it's not illegal, but our community believes it is unethical.

When I am your Councilwoman, I will advocate to amend the city charter for stricter residency qualifications for candidates. You have a right to authentic representation on the Phoenix City Council from a long-term community member who lives in, pays taxes, and positively contributes daily to our district.

If you donated money to Scottsdale Kevin and feel misled by him, you have the right to request a refund.

District 6 deserves a Councilwoman who authentically lives in the community and knows what our district needs. Scottsdale Kevin won't fight for us. But I will. Can you help us kickoff our $9824 goal by making a contribution today? Your contribution will go a long way in our fight for election integrity in District 6.

Thank you for your trust and support,

Joan Greene

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