February 11, 2022

Power of $29.65

You may have received a barrage of emails from candidates inviting you to their events. The entrance fee to attend can be as expensive as $2,500 or more.


We don’t have events that charge admission. This is what differentiates our community first campaign from other campaigns that spend their time hosting fancy fundraiser events and calling donors who can cut a big check.


$29.65. That is OUR average contribution. We are supported by people giving an average of $29.65 to help share our message of a better tomorrow for our families and businesses.

How does a$29.65 contribution compete with a $2,500 check? Well, we think 84 people giving $29.65 is more powerful than one person giving $2,500. This is how we make sure elections are decided by the many and not by the few.

As your Councilwoman my only priority is working for your families and businesses.

This campaign is fueled by grassroots supporters and it's critical we continue to build that community momentum if we hope to improve public safety, make a dent in the homeless crisis, bring jobs to our district and have quality housing we can afford.


Can you chip in $29.65 – or whatever you can afford – to our people-powered campaign today?


I look forward to seeing you at our next open to the public event!

 Thank you for your trust and support,

Joan Greene

"Real Solutions for Real Problems"

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