July 19, 2022

Sally and Oprah

‘Tis the season for hopeful political candidates to flood your email inbox and social media feeds announcing the endorsements from elected officials (past, present and wannabees) they have received.

Do candidates receiving endorsements from an elected official really move the needle for the voter? The answer from the people I have talked to can be summed up in one word.


Today, I will take you behind the curtain of political endorsements (different than endorsements from organizations) so you get a glimpse of the different categories. You may never look at an endorsement the same way again.

Category 1: The Candidate chasing their golden ticket of endorsements which will elevate them to winning their election. It's a numbers game for some of them and every endorsement is their validation. They are the Sally Field of candidates when they receive an endorsement, “I can’t deny the fact you like me. Right now, you like me!”

Category 2: The Endorser. This applies to former, present, and hopeful politicians. Some believe they are the king and queen makers of politics. For some endorsers they only endorsed because of political pressure. A buddy asked them for a favor and they couldn't (didn't) say no. Some toss their endorsements out as if they are doing their best Oprah impression, “You get an endorsement! You get an endorsement!”

Category 3: The Candidate is smoke and mirrors. When the person announced their candidacy, they trotted out political endorsements on day one or within a few weeks. This Candidate's plan is to slide into victory while they hide behind the accomplishments of others. Some people believe this Candidate received their political endorsements because of one or more of the following reasons:

·       Quid pro quo

·       Political cronyism

Category 4: The Independent. I am proudly in the fourth category. I refuse political endorsements. My focus is on the needs of the community and not on political games. My work ethic and message resonate with our community because I am the community. The endorsements I am proud to receive are the testimonials from our neighbors that I have met at their doors.

If you believe that Phoenix’s next Councilwoman should champion the interests of our families and businesses — not the games and agenda of the political elites— will you please chip in $5 towards our grassrootscampaign today?

Thank you for your trust and support,

Joan Greene

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