No one should be living on the street or in their cars. We are a long way from resolving this priority.

Purchase or lease vacant hotels, hospitals, malls or shopping centers that are vacant and convert them to transitional housing that allow pets. .

Have mobile cooling units so people and their pets can have a respite from the heat. The cooling units will have cooling towels, hygiene items, clothes, pet food, dog shoes and water.

Social services which include mental health and job training programs that meet the people where they are.

Support the Metro Phoenix regional plan to end homelessness.


Phoenix and Arizona are experiencing an attainable and affordable housing shortage. The need for green development housing is a priority.

Invest in Community Land Trusts that will develop green housing and support tenant ownership through the Community Opportunity to Purchase Act.  

Work with builders so future homes must be prepared for climate change through renewable energy such as solar installation, implementing maximum building temperatures, and use of healthy green materials. 

Diverse housing and zoning options that allow for multi-generational families and aging in place.


As a city, we must invest in our local businesses and entrepreneurship to bring jobs back into the city and breathe confidence into our economy.

Improve job training options for those out of work and provide financial assistance to our businesses with the return investment of hiring workers.

Relief funding for local businesses.

Streamline burdensome regulations that make doing business more difficult.

Incentives for companies to hire the homeless and/or people who live in the neighborhood.

End corruption

Fighting Corruption in government is Joan’s top priority. The way we move forward with change and a level playing field for our families is to hold the elected people accountable which include deliberate misleading of the public.

Crackdown on undue influence.

Reduce amount of money a person can donate to a candidate.

City council districts should be independently redistricted and not by the city council members.

Independent auditing on government waste and abuse. Strengthen the ethics department.


Phoenix is growing and we have a shortage of police and public confidence.

Hire more police, mental health and social services support staff who are trained to diffuse escalation.

Community police walk or bike certain sections of their area to be part of the neighborhood.

Transfer low-priority calls from police to support services.

Strengthen the Brady list and increase transparency and accountability.


Arizona should be the leader in solar energy and we need elected officials who will champion the benefit of natural resources.

Protect our water resources and zone accordingly.

Solar collectors for all city buildings.

Use city land and install a green infrastructure hub that includes solar fields, wind turbines, and battery storage systems.

Reduce the heat island and continue successful program of planting street trees, which absorb pollutants, release oxygen and enhance our quality of life.

Quality of Life

Quality of life is ensuring our community has the resources for libraries, medical clinics and areas of play for a thriving community.

Safer and more bike lanes that include barriers from cars.

Shading for parks and bus stops.

Inclusive playground equipment at parks so kids and families of all abilities can play together.

Sidewalks that are in all communities and maintained.

Maintain and protect our open spaces of parks and preserves.