Speed up the creation of permanent supportive housing. Adaptive reuse of motels and under-utilized commercial spaces into residential units that welcome pets.

Strengthen services to keep people in their home: provide assistance with rent and move-in, and then offer sustained case management, including job training and work programs.

Create more affordable housing: fund and speed up the process for below-market units.

Transitional shelter villages with wrap around services. Private sleeping cabins with lockable doors with on-site resources that include showers, laundry, community room for meals and programs to help people transition to permanent housing.

Affordable, Available AND HEALTHY HOUSING

Invest in Community Land Trusts that will develop green housing and support tenant ownership through the Community Opportunity to Purchase Act.  

Work with builders so future homes are prepared for climate change through renewable energy such as solar installation, implementing maximum building temperatures, and use of healthy green materials. 

Diverse housing and zoning options that allow for multi-generational families and aging in place.


Expand job training and mentoring programs.

Resume bank of local residents seeking employment.  Jobs bank of employment opportunities at local employers.

Streamline burdensome regulations that make doing business more difficult.

Make it simpler for minority, disadvantaged, LGBT, women and veteran-owned businesses to do business with the City of Phoenix.

end corruption and taxpayer waste

Crackdown on undue influence. This includes prohibiting a current elected city official to endorse and/or campaign for a candidate running for a city office.

Establish a working ethics commission and review complaints and hold public officials accountable if warranted. Demand transparency and accountability and tough penalties for breaking the public’s trust.

City council members must recuse oneself from a vote because of any potential conflict of interest or lack of impartiality.

Independent auditing on government waste and abuse.


Invest in services proven to prevent crime such as mental healthcare, workforce development, and youth programming.

Do not divert law enforcement resources. Minor traffic violations and nonviolent public disturbances do not require the intervention of armed law enforcement officers.

Hire civilians to take over desk jobs. Free up officers for patrol, enabling the department to quickly deploy officers to neighborhoods requesting increased police presence.

Strengthen the Brady list and increase transparency and accountability.


Protect water resources and zone accordingly. Work with stakeholders to develop a viable plan for long-term clean, safe and plentiful water.

Solar collectors for all city buildings.

Install a green infrastructure hub that includes solar fields, wind turbines, and water farms.

Support innovation and sustainability companies.

Quality of Life

Safer and more bike lanes that include barriers from cars.

Invest in infrastructure such as bright street lights, clean parks and crosswalks that work. Red light cameras and traffic lights for street corners with high accident incidences.

Inclusive playground equipment at parks so kids and families of all abilities can play together. Upgrade parks to include shade, pickleball courts, disc golf and fitness stations.

Additional off-leash dog parks with enclosure areas for large and small dogs, including water stations and dog waste dispensers.

Maintain and protect open spaces of parks and preserves.